Rerip collects any surfboard in any condition.  Many boards are repaired to be surfed again. Some boards are used by artists. Others are tested for research and development.

Rerip gives away many boards to groms near and far. Some boards are resold so Rerip can keep operating. Others are broken up so the materials can be tested for uses in other projects.

 Reuse for Surfing

Many boards are given to the program are in great shape. Rerip works with local ding repair craftsman to make sure the boards are watertight. Many of the boards are given away to non-profit organizations or people in need. Some of these boards are resold for nominal prices. The monies are used to sustain the program.


Reuse for Art

We work with a variety of local artists and organizations who use boards for art projects, displays or signage. Everything from fins and broken bits to complete boards have been salvaged and reused. There have already been many mixed media works and fine art paintings created out of or on something that would have otherwise been buried in the dump.


Reuse at Schools

PB Middle School 8th grader, Rusty Mendoza, organized a Rerip board drop for his graduation project. He encouraged his classmates and local PB surfers to drop off any unwanted surf, snow or skateboards.  His goal was to help spread the Rerip mission by keeping his classmate’s junk out of the landfill. Rerip was able to reallocate some of the boards collected that day, and Rusty used the rest to build this bench for his school.